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FANS Entertainment is a Montreal tech company that specializes in mobile commerce, and more specifically, mobile ordering. FANS made a name for itself by creating an app for venues, arenas and stadiums in order to enhance the fan experience during events. Founded in 2011, we're part of the Paysafe Group since 2015. Our next big thing is GOLO, a free iOS and Android app that connects local merchants to their community. It lets anyone quickly buy goods from shops in the neighbourhood.

Get the neighbourhood at your fingertips with ease.

GOLO is our new mobile application that allows anyone to buy goods for pickup or delivery from local shops.

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GOLO makes it easy for the busy, convenience seeking shopper to find anything they want on the go. Merchants can easily set up shop on GOLO’s digital marketplace, create promotions, gain insight on their sales and easily connect to new customers in their neighbourhood.

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Other products

Mobile ordering solution

Our brandable shopping app allows your clients to stay connected with your brand on their phone. Either integrated within your existing app or built separately, our mobile ordering solution is customizable and allows you to engage with your clients throughout their mobile journey.

Sell on mobile. Simply.

With our solution:

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Reach a savvy clientele 
  • Gain insight on your customers
FANS In-venue platform

The FANS Platform is a fully-integrated solution helping venues and content providers engage their fans while creating monetization tools. It is a white-label multi-level ERP system including a management software and analytics suite, as well as operational and public apps.

Never leave your seat!

With our solution:

  • Engage with your fans in new ways
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Gain insight on your customers
  • Offer a frictionless digital shopping experience

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We're looking for talented individuals that share our passion for building technology that's both slick and useful.

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