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The FANS Platform is a fully-integrated solution helping venues and content providers engage their fans while creating monetization tools. It is a white-label multi-level ERP system including a management software and analytics suite, as well as operational and public apps.

Management Software

FANS’ management software was built from the ground up to address the reality of producing a world-class event. It allows you to easily input and manage content related to your venue or event. It provides a fully scalable framework to easily manage events in one or multiple venues simultaneously.

Network Data and Analytics

FANS cloud-based network is designed to help your decision management process by converting your data into actionable business intelligence initiatives. It provides you with real-time analytics as well as post-event reports.

Public Mobile Apps

Our innovative public mobile app allows you to interact with your customers and enhance their experience, while maximizing on business monetization opportunities. Customers can benefit from multiple in-event features offered in the mobile application.

Operational Mobile Apps

FANS’ operational mobile apps allow operations staff to effectively react to real-time situations during events. Our operational mobile apps work in conjunction with the public mobile app to deliver fans an exceptional experience.


We provide consulting services to sports teams, artists, promoters and festivals around the world, specializing in fan and consumer behavior analysis, operations optimization and technology integration.

Fan & Consumer Behavior

Understand your customers’ needs, signals, motivations, and purchasing behaviors, and make informed business decisions to drive profitability based on advanced analytics.


Utilize data collection tools and in-field observations to analyze and improve operational processes such as sales abandonment, crowd traffic management, and online and offline operations synchronization.


Determine and coordinate new technology integration plans such as connectivity analysis, digital content and mobile strategy, and loyalty program design and implementation.


We’re looking for talented individuals that share the same passion for entertainment and technology as we do! If you’re a fan at heart and think you’ve got the right skills and an innovative mind, contact us today.

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Communiqué de presse - Canadiens de Montréal et FANS Entertainment

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About Us

Founded in 2011, FANS Entertainment is a Montreal-based firm specializing in mobile technology development for venues, arenas and stadiums to enhance the fan experience during events. The company also offers consulting services to sports teams, artists, promoters and festivals around the world to help them develop their fan engagement strategy.

The early research that led to the creation of the company was performed through field projects at Harvard University. The FANS platform has been successfully implemented at the Bell Centre, one of the highest-traffic venues in the world with more than 1.5 million spectators annually.


To learn more about FANS Entertainment and take the first step toward engaging your fans, please contact us at:

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